Hammmade Craftsman Swing Bed, Crib

Hammmade Craftsman Swing Bed, Crib

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The Hammmade Craftsman Swing Bed honors ten years of high quality, comfortable swings from Hammmade Furniture. It features the highest quality joinery and finishing with a new spindle design created by Natalie Hamm exclusively for the Craftsman series.

The Hammmade Craftsman Swing is a modern design with an elegant feel. It has a minimal and contemporary design softened with arched spindles. Each swing is hand-crafted by Tim Hamm with mortise and tenon and dowel locked joints. This upgraded swing uses a narrow front for a refined appearance exposing the side of the swing mattress. Made of high quality mahogany wood, these exposed grain swings are sleek and durable sealed with weather-proof spar varnish for durability and sheen.

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  • Constructed with mahogany wood

  • Solid craftsmanship in a screwless design with mortise and tenon joinery

  • Weather sealed with spar varnish clear coat finish

  • Can be distressed for an antique finish in any of the Sherwin Williams paint options shown.

  • Dimensions: 92 inches long, 43.5 inches deep, and 37.25 inches tall.

  • Spacing for rope or chain attachment: 87 inches wide x 37 inches deep.

  • Option to purchase a purchase a fast-drying foam mattress wrapped in outdoor Sunbrella fabric or can accommodate any standard twin-size mattress.

  • Made in the USA

  • Easy install–You only have to hand screw the finials . . . other than that it’s fully assembled!

  • Swing can be hung from 2 or 4 points and weigh 120-250 lbs. (Variable based on size and style)

  • Swing beds are built to support 800 lbs.