HammMade Reclaimed Swing Bed, Twin Size

HammMade Reclaimed Swing Bed, Twin Size

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HammMade is proud to offer a reclaimed swinging bed available in two size options. The bed’s backrest is constructed from old doors for that rustic look! Built to last — Built to love!

Pictured: Reclaimed Style, Twin size, Greek Villa finish, Chain and Burlap hanging kit

Customize according to your color, hanging kit and mattress preferences!

Hanging Kit:
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  • Constructed with hand-selected pine boards
  • A carved eclectic design along the back and sides gives the Victorian swing bed its elegant style.
  • Solid craftsmanship
  • Distressed for an antique finish in any of the Sherwin Williams paint options shown.
  • Two sizes available – crib and twin size
  • Made in the USA
  • You only have to hand screw the finials–other than that it’s fully assembled!
  • Swing can be hung from 2 or 4 points and weigh 120-250 lbs. (Variable based on size and style)
  • Swing beds are built to support 800 lbs.